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Academic Proofreading

Nowhere is precision more important than in the academic context, where participation in the learning process begins with the keen insights of a sharp mind and culminates in written communication that adds those insights to your discipline’s body of knowledge. When you submit your work for scrutiny, however, slips of the finger and other embarrassing errors can diminish the credibility of your contribution as a whole.

Even the most gifted writers can benefit by having a second set of eyes review their writing, and all the more so in the academic environment. Polished Paper’s dedicated academic proofreaders can bring to your writing the same attention to detail that you bring to your work, helping you present your findings in compelling language that is free of stylistic and spelling errors.

What’s more, the longer you’ve been immersing yourself in your subject, the more likely you are to leave unexplained gaps in the narrative of your written work—connections implicitly obvious to you but obscure to others. Our proofreaders can give you an outsider’s perspective on your work, highlighting passages and concepts that require elaboration or clarification so that you can strengthen your chain of reasoning.

Your proofreader can also carefully review your document against your submission guidelines, highlighting discrepancies and omissions in its documentation and correcting inconsistencies of style. In the meantime, you’ll be able to continue your efforts in your field of study or simply enjoy a much-needed respite, knowing that the scrutiny of others in your discipline won’t be the first that your work has received.

What will you get back from Polished Paper?

  • A high-quality document free of grammatical and spelling errors
  • A complete record of all alterations made, ready for your review
  • Suggestions for enhancing your wording and phrasing in ways that elevate your document’s tone for the professional setting
  • Recommendations for enhancing your document’s clarity and flow when appropriate

What types of documents does Polished Paper proofread?

  • Presentations
  • Proposals
  • Reports
  • Research papers
  • and more


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