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Editor Opportunities

Polished Paper is not currently hiring.  Due to an overabundance of applicants and inquires, we will not be responding to employment inquiries for the time being.

Contract editor Contract editors are an integral part of Polished Paper’s editing team. Our contract editors live all around the world and work from home. They need not work shifts. They simply pick up the assignments they wish to complete. Contract editors are compensated based on word count and turnaround time (the shorter the deadline, the greater the compensation they receive). Ideal candidates:

  • Are experts in grammar, mechanics, and punctuation (or skilled and willing to become expert);
  • Have a native command of English and are familiar with or willing to learn the idiosyncrasies of different types of English: American, British, Australian, and Canadian;
  • Are familiar with some academic styles and willing to learn those with which they are not: APA, MLA, AP, CSE, and Chicago/Turabian;
  • Are meticulous (i.e., capable of catching all errors in a text, no matter how small); and
  • Are hardworking (i.e., willing to complete 12 or more edits per pay period).

Requirements: Contract editors must have the latest version of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint and Adobe PDF editing software. Application Process: To show us what you can do, we ask that you take a two-part editing test. The first part comprises multiple-choice questions on grammar and style and the second a sample edit. We do ask for a resume, but candidates’ performance on the test is most important.

Click here to Begin Test

IMPORTANT: Please note that if you leave the test after it begins, you will be unable to complete it. Do not click “Begin test” unless you have sufficient time to complete it (approx. 30-40 minutes). Good luck!