Our Guarantee

Polished Paper's Guarantee

The simple fact that you are reading these lines tells us that you expect only the best from your work. Thus, you should demand only the best from us.

Polished Paper is committed to providing you with quality and reliability that you can count on, period. If you are unhappy with your document for any reason, we will work with you to make it right, or we will refund your money in full. We believe that success, and not effort, is the true benchmark of success. If we are unable to meet your standards, then we have failed in our mission to provide you with the quality that you, and we, demand. Our guarantee ensures that the quality of our services remains top tier, and that we do not make a dime that was not earned by adding value to our clients’ work.

*While we pride ourselves in our customer service and strive to accommodate even the most challenging of our clients' requests, there are simply some things that we cannot help you with. We cannot write your paper for you, and we WILL NOT rework plagiarized content. And yes, the editors will know. Somehow, they always know...

Sincerely, The Lawyers*