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Grow faster and leaner using our editing and proofreading staff

When you bring Polished Paper to your team, you not only add the knowledge and expertise of our editing and proofreading professionals, you also add the support of our management team. We’ll worry about bringing your projects in, on time and on budget, so that you can spend your time focusing on other goals, be they professional or personal. Enhance your effectiveness by increasing the quality of your communication without having to increase your human resource costs or the time cost of managing additional personnel. Establish a corporate account with us today and gain all of the benefits of an entire team of staff copy editors with none of the associated burden.

  • Immediately begin new projects
  • Control capital costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Focus on your core business

Polished Paper understands that time is your most valuable resource. Our editors are ready to shoulder the burden of preparing your important documents, enabling you to concentrate on less tedious tasks. Our management team is ready to stand watch over the entire process. Polished Paper not only safeguards your written reputation but also frees up your resources, be they time, attention, or money, to focus on the areas where your core skills provide the best ROI. Call or e-mail us now and make Polished Paper part of your team.