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Business Proofreading

Proofreading is as important as any other stage of the writing process, from concept to publication. A single punctuation, formatting, or spelling error is enough to ruin an entire piece. Polished Paper is here to put the necessary finishing touches on your work. In the context of online proofreading and editing services, people often conflate editing and proofreading, treating them as synonymous. They aren’t quite. Editing and proofreading services differ in two major ways: the purpose and the depth of the edit desired. Documents requiring editing services are generally intended for an academic audience. These include dissertations and theses; journal articles; admissions essays; persuasive, narrative, and expository essays (often for undergraduate courses); speeches; and blog entries. Another category requiring this type of service would be English as a second language (ESL) documents. ESL documents of all kinds tend to require more editing than the same types of documents when written by native English speakers. For document editing (all of the above), we look at grammar, spelling, punctuation, citation, and formatting; sentence structure, tense and voice, and vocabulary; and logic, organization, comprehensibility, and comprehensivity. Document proofreading is a bit different because writers typically want to preserve as much as possible their own voice. Such services are highly context specific. Two categories of documents that generally require proofreading services are creative writing and business writing. English proofreading is a bit different from ESL editing. English proofreading services entail checking that authors have attended to all the necessary details for their English type (e.g., Australian, Canadian, American, or British). These details primarily involve spelling and punctuation. English proofreading services are immensely helpful for authors looking to expand their audience. They can write their content in whichever version of English comes naturally, and we can transform that content into the version appropriate to their new audience. Professional proofreading services require the most observant eye and tons of experience because much of what authors need varies depending on the context. One example is the serial comma (the comma preceding “and” in a list of 3 or more items). Business professionals tend to omit this. Beyond style choices, professional proofreading generally involves the identification of smaller, but no less significant errors, for example, consistency in capitalization, formatting, hyphenation, and abbreviations, as well as spelling, particularly in document types without spellcheck (e.g., pdf files). Our proofreading website includes both proofreading and editing services. Our well-trained, veteran editors recognize immediately what level of edit writers require and know how to tailor their proofreading or editing to the context (i.e., the purpose). Professional editing and proofreading is more of an art than a science. We have the skill sets to provide you with not only the basics (correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, citation, and formatting) but also stylistic tweaks (sentence structure variation, alterations in tense and voice, and vocabulary upgrades) and even content analysis -- a brief look at the logic of the argument, organization, comprehensibility (not too much jargon), and comprehensiveness (sufficient detail). Simply put, our online proofreading paper service is highly responsive. We will give you exactly what you need given the type of writing and context.


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