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Dissertation Proofreading

No document of your academic career is more important than your dissertation or thesis. Producing this capstone work could absorb months or even years of your time, requiring seemingly endless cycles of research, investigation, drafting, and scheduling. As the culmination of this process, you’ll need to put your document into its final polished form, going over it with a fine-toothed comb to catch even the smallest errors of grammar and formatting.

However, long familiarity with a document can be counterproductive during the closing stages of the writing process. For all those times when you’re too close to your own work to see the inconsistencies and errors that gradually creep into it, the experienced professionals of Polished Paper are on hand to help you ensure that your thesis or dissertation meets the requirements of your institution while exceeding the standards of your review committee.

In addition to correcting subtle errors of punctuation, spelling, and numbering, our proofreaders can also format your document according to the stipulations of your institution, ensuring that typeface and type size, title page, running head, page numbers, and more all adhere to your university’s guidelines. Left uncorrected, inconsistent formatting and punctuation can distract the review committee from what you have to say—but correcting these errors and many other common mistakes can create a professional atmosphere from the outset.

In today’s competitive job environment, the value of your dissertation or thesis lasts far beyond your defense of it. This central component of your academic record is a valuable resource for prospective employers, so set the tone for your interview before you ever set foot in the door by having Polished Paper help you make your thesis or dissertation the foundation of your future career.

What will you get back from Polished Paper?

  • A high-quality thesis or dissertation free of grammatical and spelling errors
  • A complete record of all alterations made, ready for your review
  • Suggestions for enhancing wording and phrasing in ways that elevate your manuscript’s tone for the academic setting
  • Recommendations for enhancing your manuscript’s clarity and flow when appropriate

What types of theses and dissertations does Polished Paper proofread?


  • Arts
  • History
  • Language and literature
  • Philosophy and theology

Social sciences

  • Anthropology
  • Economics
  • Law and political science
  • Psychology and sociology

Natural sciences

  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Applied sciences

  • Engineering
  • Medicine

Formal sciences

  • Computing
  • Mathematics


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