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Manuscript Proofreading

Even the most finely tuned manuscript can be let down by minor errors. Worse still, acquisitions editors who find themselves deluged by documents often latch on to an early error, no matter how small, as an indication of the overall quality of a work. To prevent this, Polished Paper’s proofreading team can help you put the finishing touches on your manuscript as the fitting culmination to the long hours you have spent revising it.

Your proofreader can help you ensure that your manuscript is consistent in its use of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting, allowing you to submit a squeaky-clean document that is ready to rise to the top of a stack of incoming manuscripts. In this way, your proofreader can help you put your manuscript’s best foot forward, preparing it for the natural next stage in its lifespan: submission to top publishers and agents or the start of the self-publishing adventure. Regardless of your avenue of publication, a proofread can put you a step ahead of the game by letting you submit a manuscript ready to be judged on its own merits, one able to convey in compelling terms the things you have to say.

Manuscript proofreading from Polished Paper can give you a smooth, streamlined document that readers can navigate effortlessly, undistracted by misleading syntax or nonstandard punctuation. Let our proofreaders help you turn your manuscript into a fitting tribute to the days and weeks you’ve spent creating it—your readers will thank you.

What will you get back from Polished Paper?

  • A high-quality manuscript free of grammatical and spelling errors
  • A complete record of all alterations made, ready for your review
  • Suggestions for enhancing wording and phrasing to help you connect your subject matter with your intended audience
  • Recommendations for enhancing your manuscript’s clarity and flow when appropriate

What types of manuscripts does Polished Paper proofread?


  • Children’s
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Humor
  • Romance
  • Speculative
  • Thriller


  • Biographical
  • Historical
  • Memoirs
  • Reference
  • Science
  • Textbook


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